My first Tofino Meyer Lemon!

Last Tuesday, as the sky hailed, rained, and broke for sun, I excitedly harvested a Meyer Lemon from my greenhouse in Tofino. My 3 lemons have been harvestable for quite some time but I wanted to see how things would progress over winter. I am happy to report that in spite of some below 0 temps this winter, they faired well.

The occasion that inspired this harvest was a visit with Daniela who I have been trying to connect with for a chocolate elixir for about 5 years (and we finally did)! You wouldn't think that could happen in a small town but it does, all the time!

I have never picked a lemon off a tree before (never mind one in Tofino) but it was very fragrant. I figured this was a good sign of a tasty fresh tree-ripened fruit and I was not disappointed. Thankfully it hadn't gone mouldy sitting out in the greenhouse all winter nor had it frozen.

It was so delicious that when we cut some slices off to sample, we ended up eating the rind too!! The inside was quite orange, and tasted like a cross between a lemon and an orange. The rind was surprisingly soft and not bitter. It would never even have occurred to me to eat the rind if Daniela hadn't been there. Her mom used to get giant lemons sent from her homeland of Sicily for the family to eat as a special treat, including the rind, so I am grateful my descendent-of-Sicily-friend was there for my first lemon harvest!

Here is Daniela, enjoying some homemade lemongrass and Meyer Lemon tea*. Yes, that is a squished lemon rind as "garnish" on the mug lip but she ate that too! So delicious, so fun, so grateful for my lemon tree, my greenhouse and friends like Daniela! :)

*Lemongrass tops steeped in hot water with some Meyer Lemon juice.

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