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Here is a list of vegetable seeds available for anyone who may be interested in doing some winter vegetable gardening, they do need to be sown very quickly so they may sprout and put on some growth before the days grow shorter and cooler, most of these will grow here just fine over the winter, especially in a cold frame or greenhouse, if you need more information about the growing, habit, variety specs etc please stop by the garden center where we have a full description catalogue. Many of these can be sown now for fall and winter harvest, and some are sown now for spring harvest.  If you know which ones you want, just email me back the list with your choices, please include the quantity of seed packets required, and your phone number so I can call you when they arrive, I am going to order these seeds on Monday 27th July, and although I will do one main order to come in just shortly after the August long weekend, we will also have open stock available off our rack. But the sooner you order the better for availability.

            Also for those still interested, I have received confirmation that yes, the Masters  in organic gardening will be held in Tofino at the end of January beginning of February, exact dates and cost is coming soon. So tell your friends to call and I will get them the details, this is a fabulous opportunity to have a popular course offered here, rather than having to travel out of town. SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!




BR193A Broccoli Raab Sorrento Raab (OP)

BR205A Broccoli Sprouting Purple Sprouting (OP)

BT162A Beets Winterkeeper Lutz (OP)

BT161A Beets Detroit Supreme (OP)

BT166A Beets Red Ace (F1)

BT173A Beets Red Ace (F1) Organic Certified

BT171A Beets Blend Beet Blend

BS212A Brussels Sprouts Oliver (F1)

BS215A Brussels Sprouts United

CR302A Carrots Ya Ya Organic

CR282A Carrots Amstrong (OP)

CR296A Carrots Scarlet Nantes (OP)

CO350A Collards Champion (OP)

CF339A Cauliflower Purple Cape (OP)

CF316A Cauliflower Winter Galleon (OP)

CF340A Cauliflower Rosalind (OP)

MS509A Endive Rouge De Verone

MS491A Endive & Radicchio Palla Rossa Special

MS492A Endive & Radicchio Sugar Loaf (OP)

MS481A Endive & Radicchio Broadleaf Batavian

MS498A Endive & Radicchio Italian Dandelion (OP)

KL424A Kale Redbor (F1)

KL425A Kale Lacinato (OP)

KL426A Kale Red Russian (OP)

KL428A Kale Rainbow Tuscan (OP) Organic

KL421A Kale Improved Siberian (OP)

KL422A Kale Winterbor (F1)

KL423A Kale Westlandse Winter (OP) Organic

LT478A Lettuce Leaf Rouge d'Hiver (OP)

LT477A Lettuce Cos/Romaine Cimmaron (OP)

LT446A Lettuce Butterhead Continuity (Merveille)

LT487A Lettuce Leaf Red Deer Tongue (OP)

LT461A Lettuce Cos/Romaine Winter Density (OP)

MS500A Mescluns Wild Arugula (OP)

MS503A Mescluns Arugula, Adagio

MS484A Mescluns Mild Mesclun

MS497A Mescluns Provencal Mesclun

MS482A Mescluns Large Leaf Sorrel (OP)

MS478A Mescluns Vit / Corn Salad (OP)

LK444A Leeks Mammoth Pot Leek (OP)

MU540A Asian Veg Komatsuna (OP)

MU547A Asian Veg Komatsuna Red (F1)

MU531A Asian Veg Giant Red (OP)

MU544A Asian Veg Giant Red Organic Certified (OP)

MU549A Asian Veg Southern Giant Curled (OP)

MU524A Asian Veg Southern Giant Curled Organic

MU529A Asian Veg Mizuna (OP)

MU541A Asian Veg Mibuna Green Spray (OP)

MU548A Asian Veg Mibuna Organic Certified (OP)

MS479A Mescluns Saladini Blend

ON555A Onions Pacific 22 (OP)

ON569A Onions Kincho (OP)

ON564A Onions Overwinter Riverside Sweet Spanish

ON571A Onions Salad Onion Ramrod

ON552A Onions Purplette (OP) Organic Certified

PN581A Parsnips Gladiator

PN580A Parsnips Javelin (F1)

PL570A Parsley Forest Green

RD678A Radishes China Rose Winter (OP) Organic

RD680A Radishes French Breakfast

RD683A Radishes Black Spanish Round

RD672A Radishes Altaglobe

RU691A Rutabegas Laurentian

RU690A Rutabegas Marian (OP) Organic Certified

SP707A Spinach Bloomsdale Savoy Organic

SP705A Spinach C2 606 (Skookum) (F1)

SP702A Spinach Tyee (F1)

SP703A Spinach Olympia (F1)

SP704A Spinach Space (F1)

SP706A Spinach Samish (F1) Organic Certified

SP708A Spinach Bordeaux Red Vein (F1)

SP710A Spinach New Zealand Spinach (OP)

SW754A Swiss Chard Perpetual Spinach (Chard)

SW750A Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant (OP)

SW751A Swiss Chard Silverado (F1) Organic

SW752A Swiss Chard Rhubarb Chard

SW753A Swiss Chard Bright Lights (OP)

SW755A Swiss Chard Canary Yellow

SW757A Swiss Chard Flamingo Pink (OP) Organic

SW758A Swiss Chard Magenta Sunrise

SW759A Swiss Chard Calico Mix

SW760A Swiss Chard Eldorado

SW761A Swiss Chard Discovery

CB242A Cabbage Winter Danish Ballhead (OP)

CB248A Cabbage Winter Harvest Embassy (F1)

CB258A Cabbage Fall Harvest Ermosa (F1)

CB252A Cabbage Winter Harvest January King (OP)

TR810A Turnips Purple Top White Globe

TR815A Turnips Turnip Hakurei

TR817A Turnips Tokyo Cross

BN150A Beans Broad Windsor (OP)

BN151A Beans Broad Sweet Lorane (OP) Organic

PE591A Peas Shelling Alderman (Tall Telephone)

PE592A Peas Snow Dwarf Grey Sugar (OP)

PE596A Peas Shelling *Paladio (OP)

PE616A Peas Snap Super Sugar Snap (OP)

PE617A Peas Snap Peas Sugar Ann (OP)

PE618A Peas Snap Peas Sugar Daddy

PE619A Peas Snap Cascadia (OP)

PE620A Peas Shelling Peas Green Arrow (OP)

PE621A Peas Snap Sugar Lace II (OP)

PE622A Peas Snow Snow Green (OP)

PE623A Peas snow peas (Ho Lan Dow) Mammoth

PE605A Peas Shelling Peas Little Marvel (OP)

HR1073A Cilantro Santo Long Standing

FL2696A Hollyhocks Summer Carnival Mix

FL2703A Hollyhocks Indian Spring

FL2704A Hollyhocks Watchman

FL2349A Columbine Columbine McKana's Giant Mix

FL2604A Foxglove Foxgloves Purple

FL3116A Poppies Giganthemum

FL3108A Poppies Flanders Poppy

FL3139A Poppies Gartford Giant Mix

FL3141A Poppies Iceland

FL3026A Pansies and Violas Swiss Giants Mix

FL3812A Pansies/violas Fizzy Lemonberry

FL3411A Pansies/violas Violas Johnny Jump Up

FL3278A Sweet Peas Dainty Ripples Mix

FL3279A Sweet Peas Unwins Striped Butterfly Blend

FL3280A Sweet Peas Old Spice Blend

FL3281A Sweet Peas Royal Family Blend

FL3283A Sweet Peas Supersnoop

FL3284A Sweet Peas Mammoth Blend

FL3285A Sweet Peas Late Spencer Blend

FL3287A Sweet Peas Scentsation Mix

FL3298A Sweet Peas Snoopea


FL3304A Sweet Peas Matucana

FL3314A Sweet Peas Old Times

XM101 INOC Garden CombInation Peas & Beans

MS483A Mescluns Arugula Roquette (OP)

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