Tofino's Water Conservation Bylaw Amended for Food Gardens

Well, thanks to Josie for the letter she wrote on our behalf to the District re: amending the water conservation bylaw to distinguish food gardens from flower and ornamental gardens during water restrictions. Not totally sure from this Westcoaster article how the gardens are treated differently but at least food gardens are now on the District's radar and so is this group! Thanks Josie!!

Bylaw Amended, Vegetable Gardening OK (


  1. Thanks Tanya! I think the newly rephrased bylaw allows food gardens to still be water at more restrictive water conservation levels, but I don't think it allows daily watering (which was part of the point of the letter...but hey, this is a start). There are some places in the US where food gardens can be watered at even higher levels of water conservation use, but it will take some time, probably, in Tofino to raise the profile of food gardening.